The New Zealand Investment Game


The New Zealand Investment Game is an exciting strategic board game designed by highly respected investement writer, Frank Newman. It is an invaluable educational tool for both students and serious investors who are keen to flex their business muscles, without actually risking their own money! Invest in the sharemarket, buy property, invest in the money market, trade derivatives, opt into Kiwisaver or build a career. You choose your own strategy.

The unique software that accompanies the game simulates the investment markets, records all transactions, and provides end of game financial reports. All the paperwork is done for you, which frees you up to focus on the serious business of investing.

Real market data and thousands of investment scenarios so no two games are the same
Interactive tips and investment advice from Frank Newman
Online update for the latest game versions and market updates
At the end of the game each player receives a personalised report about their investment decisions.

Contains: game board, playing dice, playing pieces, game CD (includes rules and strategy).

Minimum system requirements: Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista or later, 128MB RAM, 233MHz processor, 50MB disc space, internet connection to obtain access key and download updates.

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