Original Milly Molly Handmade Doll


This enchanting doll is hand-made from 100% NZ wool. Milly Molly is 'double-headed' with Milly (dark skin) at one end - turn her over and pull her skirt down to reveal Molly (fair skin) at the other end!

Milly Molly dolls are strong, robust and safe for babies and children of all ages. Delivered in a beautiful gift-box.

Milly Molly dolls star in their very own books that promote the acceptance of diversity and the learning of life skills. The stories deal with the kinds of questions and trials that children face every day–and offer understanding in such matters as honesty, respect for others, difference, tenacity, exercise, cooperation, respect for nature, bullying, stranger danger, forgiveness, trustworthiness, responsibility, loyalty, loss and grief–and many other areas that are challenging to young children. Their message is captured in the simple phrase:
“We may look different but we feel the same."

Suitable ages : 0-8 years

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