As in the picture we are kiwis based in Auckland New Zealand and we welcome you to the Great New Zealand Toy Store - where you can buy original New Zealand toys and gifts .Carefully selected for their uniqueness and relevance to New Zealanders and "Kiwi" kids.We have our iconic Buzzy Bee along with many other durable toys made or themed in New Zealand. Where possible we select the toys that best reflects being a New Zealander or "kiwi". We welcome very much any overseas or ex pats to browse our store for that unique purchase.
All gifts are gift wrapped for free along with free Nationwide delivery.Overseas options are available.

We welcome your personal messages for the small gift cards.

In the world of mass produced plastic toys and international marketing, isn't it nice to know you can still buy a wooden toy,a lovely doll or a toy that lasts which has been specially designed and produced by skilled craftsmen and women here in New Zealand. New Zealand has an abundance of native timbers and natural resources which makes it a unique place to purchase quality goods, and our toys are renowned for their strength, durability, and individual style.

If you have any additional questions or comments - please email us at We would love to hear from you.

Why should you purchase from us

We love to help anyone with an interest in New Zealand made and themed toys.

With free gift wrapping you are already sorted .Each gift is individually wrapped in our fun loving pukeko paper and finished with a rosette and small card.

Our free New Zealand delivery means you don't have any unexpected charges .

Our line of products are sourced from New Zealand suppliers , handcraftsmen and some overseas suppliers.

Our products have been around for some time so we can offer the best safety of each toy

Unlike bigger toy chains we offer overseas shipping for as little as $10. We physically take it into our local post office and from there it is processed via NZ post.

We aim to only have plastic free toys in our collection.

Our toys are built to last and to be handed down in the generations.

We aim to have iconic toys that we can identify with.


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