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Designed right here in New Zealand by KP Designs.A set containing 69 cards A6 size to accompany many of babys milestones.A few examples are included in the photos.Printed in black ink on 200gsm Recycled Brown Card.Great for baby showers and of course any time in Baby's life.

List includes
1.Welcome to world little one

2. My name is…
3. Name, Weight, height, Place of Birth..
4. One hour old
5. My first Day
6. You are our greatest adventure
7. You are so loved
8. For this child I prayed and the Lord ANSWERED my prayer
9. Love you to the Moon and Back
10. 1 week old
11. My first bath
12. 2 weeks old
13. Today I smiled for the first time!
14. My first poo explosion!
15. 3 weeks old
16. Today was our first family outing!
17. Today I slept in my room for the first time!
18. 4 weeks old
19. Baby you're lucky you're cute! Coz boy am I tired!
20. I am one month old today
21. Day? Night? All I know is I'm hungry mummy!
22. I can giggle!
23. I can grab!
24. 5 weeks old
25. Can you tell I have a newborn?..
26. Is it coffee time yet?
27. I think it's funny to keep mummy awake all night!
28. 6 weeks old
29. Baby Skills
30. 7 weeks old
31. Today I rolled over for the first time!

32. 8 weeks old

33. I slept through the night for the first time! – hooray!

34. I am two months old today
35. 9 weeks old
36. 10 weeks old
37. 11 weeks old
38. 12 weeks old
39. Today I slept in the cot for the first time!
40. Three months old today
41. Four months old today
42. Today I sat up for the first time! – I'm so clever
43. Five months old today
44. Today I gave my first kiss!
45. Six months old today
46. Today I ate my first food
47. My first food was…
48. I'm on the move!
49. Today I said Mama
50. Today I said Dad
51. My first word was…
52. Today I crawled for the first time! – I'm so clever!
53. This is my favourite toy
54. Seven months old today
55. Today was my first day of daycare – and mummy survived!
56. I can stand!
57. Eight months old today
58. Today I got my first tooth
59. My favourite food is…
60. Nine months old today
61. First night away without mummy or daddy
62. Ten months old today
63. Eleven months old today
64. I am ONE today!
65. Today is my first birthday party!
66. Today I took my first steps! – I'm so clever
67. Today I had my first haircut
68. Today I got my first Scar – I was so brave
69. I'm an explorer

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