Tacklebox Game MEGA PACK


  1. Tacklebox® Grab the Crab – This is a fast paced game that requires lightning reflexes to Grab the Crab before someone else does.
  2. Tacklebox® Fishing Frenzy – This is a fun game which is played at speed. Your adrenalin runs high and the game challenges your reflexes and mind at the same time. Recommended for the clear minded and young of heart.
  3. Tacklebox® Quick Start – This is an easy version of Tacklebox® ideally suited for first time players and families with small children.
  4. Tacklebox® Memory – This is an extended game of Tacklebox® Quick Start but this game will challenge your memory skills in card placement.
  5. Tacklebox® Fishing Quota – A quick and challenging version of Tacklebox® using all the equipment in the game.
  6. Tacklebox® Selected Fish – A strategically challenging version of Tacklebox® where you need to use patience and cunning to win.
  7. Tacklebox® Team Play – Where you can apply all of the above game variations excluding Tacklebox® Solitaire. It is an exciting way of playing Tacklebox® in teams where you develop a high level of cooperative play while still competing against other teams.
  8. Tacklebox® Solitaire – Play Tacklebox® and compete against yourself. There are 4 levels of challenge.
  9. Tacklebox® Fish Market – This is an extremely active game where you trade cards continuously between players, like trading seen in a Fish Market. In each round, players exchange cards in order to collect two groups of fish with the same fish points.
  10. Tacklebox® Thom's Fishing Hole – This is an extremely lively game which is played at high speed. It can become very competitive if your opponents start fishing in your Fishing Hole.
Tacklebox Mega Pack
If you wish to download the instructions please go to this link http://www.tacklebox.co.nz/downloads.html
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