New Zealand Tuatara


Tuatara are rare, medium-sized reptiles found only in New Zealand. Not considered as a lizard but rather a reptile. Infact it is one of the largest reptiles here in New Zealand. These guys are cold blooded and suit the cooler climate.

In Maori, the name Tuatara means ‘Peaks on the Back’ and this is especially evident on the male Tuatara who has a crest of spines running down their neck and along their back. They stiffen these spines to look impressive to the females or to intimidate other males.

More fun facts follow :

Juveniles have a third eye on the top of their head which is believed to help soak up UV rays to help them grow. This eye is not usually visible because they grow scales over it between 4-6 months of age

Tuatara are slow growing until 35years old and can live over 100years. Males can grow up to half a metre in length and weigh 1.5kg.

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