Flipology Card Game


Enter the fantastical Flipp Forest, where 26 different animals from all over the world have come together. The object of Flipology is to score the most points by flipping over cards. See if you can spot the kiwi!!!

 Players are dealt nine cards and select seven to keep and arrange facedown in a row. In addition to the animals, there are also a few cards with environmental elements like rain or wind. The cards have a point value and most also have an active effect. Cards that allow players to flip additional cards are especially helpful because players have just three turns to try to flip over and score as many of their cards as possible.
However, several cards turn the usual order on its head. The ends of opponents’ rows are considered adjacent, so opponents can use cards like the dog, monkey, or frog to flip a card in your row. Even worse, the hawk can swoop in and flip any of your cards, where ever it is positioned in your row. There are also a few grumpy and sleepy animals that will score negatively if they end the game faceup.  And finally, the moon, if faceup in any player’s row at the end of the game, means victory will belong to the lowest-scoring player.
Invented by first-time designer Rachel Reilly of Albany, New York. and  recently Weta artist Tim Kings-Lynee has rendered the animals and other artwork beautifully.

Suitable Ages : 6 + years. For 2-8 players.

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