Contemporary and original, these recordings are mastered to the highest production standards. Both BabyDub and BabyJazz provide a unique and stimulating experience for babies, toddlers and their parents.

A collection of jazzilicious licks guaranteed to thrill the little ones (and big ones!). Created to provide a fun, stimulating listening experience for the young ones and save the sanity of their parents, BabyJazz has original songs and jazzed nursery favourites as never heard before, including the best version of Humpty Dumpty ever and MC Mark "Slave" Williams with his take on the "Gingerbread Man."

Title tracks include: BabyJazz, Doo Bap, Humpty, Happy Little Pony Song, Tickley Jazz, One Little Piggy, Monkey Bass, Gingerbread Man, Rain Rain, Colours, Silly Toy Song, Sleepy Jazz, and more!

A fabulous new release from the team who brought you the critically, and more importantly parentally acclaimed, BabyDub!

Suitable ages : 0-7 years old

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