Milly Molly Special Friends Book and Dolls Set


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Milly and Molly are packaged together with a beautiful story called Milly, Molly and Special Friends. Milly and Molly are best friends that do everything together.

The Milly Molly series are about the adventures of two little girls from different ethnic backgrounds (with their multi-cultural friends), and promote the acceptance of diversity and the learning of life skills. The stories deal with the kinds of questions and trials that children face every day–and offer understanding in such matters as honesty, respect for others, difference, tenacity, exercise, cooperation, respect for nature, bullying, stranger danger, forgiveness, trustworthiness, responsibility, loyalty, loss and grief–and many other areas that are challenging to young children. Their message is captured in the simple phrase: “We may look different but we feel the same."

In Special Friends, Milly, Molly and a group of friends lie on their backs in the grass and watch the wind chase the clouds across the sky. They all start chatting about their favourite things. It's not surprising to find the things they love most are the special moments they share with their mums and dads, the same moments we all remember sharing with our own mums and dads. A story to make you smile and remember.

Value: Shared Feelings

Soft Cover - 24 pages
Includes teaching guide on inside back cover.
Full colour illustrations

Suitable ages : 2- 6 years
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