Kakapo Night Parrot Soft Toy


This cuddly green bird is inspired by the Kakapo, the world's rarest, heaviest and only flightless parrot. The Maori name, Kakapo, means 'night parrot'. Whilst it lives mainly on the ground, it can climb trees. Currently in 2020 this is New Zealand's Bird of the Year!

Formerly found throughout New Zealand, hunters, collectors, habitat destruction and predators have decimated the population to around 50 birds (1996).
The Department of Conservation has moved the last survivors to three offshore islands, where a concentrated effort is being made to encourage them to breed. Purchase of this product supports a NZ conservation project.

Size : Top of head to feet on standing = approximately 23 cm,Length from tail to head = approximately 37 cm and width from wing to wing = approximately 22 cm.

Please note : We try to have stock on hand but due to orders and overseas requests sometimes there can be a delay for new stock to arrive as this is a popular item. Apologies if there is some delay but we will always respond by way of email to give you an ETA. Stock can generally take upto a week to arrive but usually sooner.
Suitable age : 3 years +

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