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Buzzy Bee


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Everyone in Rolling Downs is looking forward to the Great Race. But who will win? Will it be speedy Trikey Tom, the fast Driver Don, or someone else entirely? Oscar Ostrich is not so sure about the race - he doesn't have any wheels! Buzzy gives him some advice and off he goes.
Buzzy Bee and all his friends live in Rolling Downs - a bright and magical place. Most of his friends are wheelers from Wheelington, but Mary Lou and Oscar Ostrich are walkers from Walkland. Join them for some fun adventures - no matter what goes wrong Buzzy Bee's creative ideas always save the day.
A colourful story book for preschoolers based on the characters from the recent TV series with Buzzy Bee and Friends.
Interest Age: 0-5 years
Paperback, 32 pages
Published June 2009 by Hachette

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