The Little Yellow Digger and the Bones


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A new adventure for the Little Yellow Digger in this fifth title in the series. Betty and Alan Gilderdale have combined two all-time favourite subjects in this picture book - diggers and dinosaurs. The digger was clearing the rubble, - boulders and thick sticky mud - when, all of a sudden, the driver felt a shudder and heard a great THUD! He climbed from the cab very quickly. He wondered if they'd struck a stone, but found that it was a very large rock and from it was poking a bone! The Little Yellow Digger has uncovered some very interesting bones of a strange creature, long since extinct.

- Author: Betty Gilderdale
- Illustrator: Alan Gilderdale
- Format: Soft cover
- Pages: 32
- Published: 24 August 2009

Suitable ages : 2-6 years

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