Kiwi and the Leprechauns Book and CD


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A new title by Erin Devlin.The story was inspired by her trip to Ireland searching for Leprechauns.After visitng children in Ireland just recently there was a genuine concern for the plight of our national icon , the Kiwi!
This book comes with a catchy "Fiddley-Diddley-Diddley-Do song and a great rhyming adventure along with a CD.
They travelled up to Derry,
and across to Donegal,
Then down to Tipperary,
Kiwi had to see it all.
"A fiddley-diddley-diddley-dee
a fiddley-diddley-do
A fiddley-dee-a-fiddley-do
and a happy day to you".

Illustrated by Greg O'Donnell.
Soft cover , 31 pages .Illustrations also include a map of Ireland and New Zealand for reference.
Please view our kiwi finger puppet to complement this story
Suitable age : 2 years +

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