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What do you get when you cross Connect-4 with Jenga? A game that everyone wants to play again immediately after they've finished their first game! Competitors add to the ever-growing tree. Get 4 colours in a row and WIN !: topple the tree and you lose!
A delightfully tactile, action-packed game that builds to a nail-biting conclusion as players take turns adding to an ever growing tree – that becomes more unstable with every move! Balancing the tree is the fun.You will know when it is all over when you hear the crashing sound!!

Simple to play , quick to complete almost no set up needed.High replay rate too .

Designed in New Zealand

Requires 2 players-4 players

Approximate game time : 10 minutes

Suitable age : 4 years +

Box size : 200mm x 200mm x 60mm

SKU: 10167

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