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Outwit, outbuild and outmaster! Trilith is a game of simple rules, complex strategy and cut-throat outcomes. Imagine yourself as a Master Builder during the glory days of the Roman Empire. How do you negotiate the challenge of building imposing, yet simply constructed monuments with a few basic tools and a stack of massive blocks? Now picture yourself in a gladiator type competition with another craftsmen of equal talent, both of you battling to be the first to span a stretch of water with a robust yet perfectly designed bridge. How would you outwit, outbuild and outmaster your nemesis in a race to be the first to reach the other side and avoid the loser's fate of being tossed to the Colosseum lions? Each game contains a rule book, one game board, 48 Posts (cubes) and 20 Lintels (rectangular prisms). Game board and game pieces are made from solid wood. . Build both knowledge and memory skills. Approximate game time: 20 minutes.

Suitable for 2 players

Suitable age : 7 years +

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