New Zealand Monopoly Here and Now Edition


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The New Zealand Monopoly Here & Now Edition board game has been updated based on more than 200,000 votes from the New Zealand public. Released in 2007, this special anniversary edition celebrates 21 years of NZ's favourite board game. This new edition will resemble present-day New Zealand as the properties include famous landmarks from all around our country and the property spaces have been re-appraised to include modern-day property values.

In this edition, players will have the chance to speed past "GO" in a trendy ute, race directly to "JAIL" in a pair of jandals, and jet off from the airport riding in a supersonic airplane. A jar of Vegemite and sheep are other tokens you can choose from.

Property prices have sky rocketed all over the country, so the game's money is now in higher denominiations - and you can build property in places like the Waitomo Caves, Cathedral Square or next to the Oakune Carrot.

Suitable ages : 8 years +

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