Up, Up & Away! Toy Airplane


Travel is all go. A great wooden toy for any budding pilot or traveller.

Beautifully made and handcrafted by Jemima & Jeremy. Made in New Zealand

Bon voyage

Suitable ages: 2 years plus

This super cute, whimsical Up, Up & Away! Toy Airplane is sure to capture the imagination of the special little one in your life as they zoom the airplane through the air imagining they’re sitting in a cockpit flying high above the clouds!  The airplane is small enough to easily fit in the hand of your little one enabling the airplane to soar through the air taking playtime to new heights creating an abundance of open-ended play and oodles of fun!
Made from sustainable timber and sealed with beeswax and manuka oil making it safe for your little one’s play, the Up, Up & Away! Toy Airplane is 17cm nose to tail with a wingspan of 18.5cm.
Our handcrafted timeless, quality toys are made with love to be cherished forever, and proudly made right here in New Zealand.

Size : 17cm nose to tail with a wingspan of 18.5cm

Suitable ages : 2 years

SKU: 10000-14

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