The Dress Up Box Series 2 CD


The Dress-Up Box was one of New Zealand's favourite and highest rating children's television programmes and screened for over five years on TV3. Set in spectacular and beautiful locations, the programmes are self-contained stories, which feature children in fabulous costumes with outstanding original songs and special effects. Music and lyrics come courtesy of Felicity Williams with arrangements by Philip Norman. Recorded by Arnold Van Bussel at Nightshift

Tracklisting: 01 Stinky Pinky Piglets
02 Sail Boat Sail
03 Birthday Party On The Moon
04 Digging Up A Dinosaur
05 Three Black Mosquitoes
06 Cyborg Snoozeroo
07 Cello and the Bot Tie Kids
08 Wonder
09 Bringa Plate
10 Rap birds
11 The Magic Hoop
12 My Cardboard Contraption
13 String Thing
14 Gnomes
15 Kelpie
16 Pavlova Pranks
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