Wriggle and Jiggle CD


Learn positional language with Cardboard Box, then crawl round the floor for I'm A Train. Make up some actions for Copy Me, learn the days of the week in Marching On A Monday and become sea creatures in Caribbean Sea. Use the large Hebi-ring for See Me Go In and enjoy the fingerplay One Hopping Finger. Find a partner and Draw A Squiggle, play instruments in I Have A Band and count your fingers and toes in How Many Fingers? Other song titles includeHey, Give Me Five,Bright Balloon,Kiwi Bird,Cardboard Box Wriggle & Jiggle,Bunny Jumps Off,,In Between My Boat,Helicopter,,Smooth And Jerky,Animals In My Garden,Puppet Likes Dancing,Over And Under, I Have A Band, Turning,One Hopping Finger,Draw A Squiggle,Tired Teddy

Suitable ages : 2-8 years

By the Kids Music Company

SKU: 10186

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