Meanie by Fatcat & Fishface


Fatcat & Fishface celebrate their 10th birthday with this new album (their fifth), which features disappearing socks, lovelorn rabbits, and disgusting recipes.

This is kids' music with a definite edge. Kids will belt out the lyrics, make-up crazy dance steps and beg for more!

Tracks include: 1. Fat-a-Cat

2. We Are All Animals

3. Una Momento

4. I Won't Get In The Choir

5. Emily Says

6. Fruit For Thought

7. Waspital

8. Black Socks

9. Happity

10. Roadworks Chorale

11. Magical Potion

12. One Step Forward

13. Meanie

14. Moo

15. Holiday

16. Fret Not

17. Fat-a-Cat

Suitable ages : 5 - 12 years

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