Car Transporter NZ Made


Ever thought of owing a car transporter big enough to put cars on. Here is a smaller version of a very handy car transporter. Wooden and made in New Zealand by Jemima&Jeremy

This super cute Car Transporter is sure to capture the imagination of the special little one in your life with its bright colours and doubling as both a toy and a puzzle creating an abundance of open-ended and imaginary play along with oodles of fun! Stack and transport the three cars on the flatbed of the truck, separate the cab of the truck from the flatbed and drive just the cab, or zip the cars around individually. The Car Transporter is versatile and ideal for small children as the cars fit comfortably in their hands, and for even more fun, buy both the Car Transporter and the Rainbow Boat Toy, enabling little ones to use the arches as ramps and tunnels for the cars to race through. is made from sustainable timber, painted with non-toxic paints and sealed with beeswax and manuka oil making it safe for your little one’s play.

Size :The Car Transporter is (L) 39cm X (W) 11cm,

Suitable age : 2 years plus

SKU: 10000-7 TAG: Wooden Vehicles

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